Lining lining

Finishing is one of the important stages in the process of building a house, it not only provides insulation, but also gives the construction aesthetic appearance. One of the most popular materials for lining is the lining, which is explained in many respects ratio of price and quality. You can find out the price of the price and their varieties on the Internet, you can also see photos of finished houses, the material is widely used in the decoration of baths, houses and other buildings. Durability is one of the most important advantages of the lining over analogues, reliable protection against pests and rotting provides processing with the correct compositions.

Subject to the technology, the construction receives the necessary level of sound and thermal insulation. The finish can be external and internal, horizontal and vertical, an important role is also played by the tree breed. During the construction of baths, it is recommended to use deciduous rocks (alder, aspen, linden), coniferous (Christmas tree, cedar, pine, larch) are suitable for interior decoration).

Currently, there are several classes of the lining that determine the quality and prices of lumber. The surface of the high -class lining is characterized by the absence of knots and better processing of the surface of the material. The lining used to finish the house outside should be thoroughly dried, if this condition is not observed, lumber can decrease in size, gaps will occur between the boards. As a result, everything will have to be redone again, 12% of the humidity is considered optimal.

In addition, the lining is divided into ordinary and euro -car, the main difference is the quality of processing. The Eurolskivka is characterized by perfectly even smoothness and geometry, low humidity, individual fragments are connected more reliably. It has a higher cost, but a longer service life.

Lining does not require special knowledge and training, the presence of special grooves greatly simplifies the process. When searching on the Internet, on request, buy lumber, lining must be taken into account that the length of the boards can vary from 1-6 m., which can also affect the cost. To determine the optimal length, you need to correctly calculate everything in order to minimize the number of joints and scraps. Reiki for the frame can be bought ready or cut from boards, their fastening is carried out with a step of 50-60 cm.