Balcony sheathing with vinyl siding

Balcons are glazed and finished today. This allows you to expand the living area of ​​the apartment itself or do something like a comfortable veranda. In this case, along with the interior decoration, external. In the latter case, vinyl siding is often used. Further in the article we will consider how to properly sheathe the loggia with this material.

Stages of lining the balcony with vinyl siding

First of all, of course, it is necessary to remove the old coating if it is available. Then a wooden or metal frame is installed. In the event that the walls of the balcony are concrete and even, vinyl siding can be installed directly on them. However, most often the frame is still necessary. Moreover, in this case, the walls can also be insulated. A wooden crate is mounted on anchor bolts. In the event that a metal profile is used, it is mounted on special brackets.

After the frame is installed, the guides are mounted. They are also made from vinyl and acquired simultaneously with the panels themselves. At the same time, it is important to choose the right shade that matches the color of the main material. Next, mount the insulation. It is best to use basalt cotton wool. Such a solution is considered the best option. Firstly, during external insulation, the place inside the balcony is saved, and secondly, the dew point is shifted in such a way that the appearance of condensation in the interior decoration is excluded.

After installing the insulation, the waterproofing film is mounted. Next, the vinyl siding itself is installed itself. It is attached to the crate in such a way that there is some space for ventilation between it and the film. When installing sheets, you need to use screws with zinc coating and wide hats.

The front part of the loggia is previously finished. The sidewalls are cut out of the remains of the material. Thus, you can use it more rationally. For cutting, metal scissors are used. After the panels are installed, the corners are closed with special corners. This allows you to give the entire structure a complete appearance.

Vinyl siding is quite durable, durable and aesthetic. In addition, he does not secrete harmful substances. Therefore, using it for lining the walls of the loggia, of course, is worth. You can mount the design yourself, but it is better to invite specialists. They will do this work faster and more accurate.

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