What are the features of the Samba Manor Festival in Bali

One of the oldest customs of the island is based on a harmonious combination of beauty and rigidity, reflected in the framework of the fighting festival.

The village of Tenganan, which is an hour’s drive from the capital Bali, has become famous as a living museum. The way of life of the Bali-Aga people, who lived here several centuries ago, has been preserved almost exactly here. In addition to a conservative approach to household chores, the inhabitants of the village are known not only on the island, but also beyond its borders, thanks to a unique ritual. It is held in May-June.

Its essence is as follows. Male representatives gather in a specially designated area where single fights take place. Bundles of leaves of the pandan plant with sharp thorns act as weapons. Bamboo shields are used to protect against the enemy. Such acts are held as a sign of the memory of their ancestors and the Hindu god of warriors.

If during the festival men try to show all their strength and courage, then women, on the contrary, demonstrate beauty and modesty. During the battles, they choose the bravest for the role of the future husband.