Equip the summer cottage with our own hands

Its plot of land outside the city gives a great opportunity to take a break from urban noise and fuss. Each of the one dreams of relaxing under the shadow of trees and, stretching out on the sunbed, inspect his possessions. Fortunately, the cottage has long been from the notorious “6 acres” turned into a place of relaxation.

Now we not only plant tomatoes and cucumbers, but also really rest outside the city.

Of course, for a good rest, you need to create all the conditions. It is difficult to relax on a bare area, without minimal amenities, anyone will feel uncomfortable.

Approach the arrangement rationally. On a sheet of paper or on a computer, draw an approximate site plan. Think where it is better to place a place to rest and cook, and in which place to install a dry closet for a summer residence.

If there is at least a small house, of course, you can try to place amenities there. If not or the design of the building does not allow, build a small toilet in the depths of the site where it will not interfere. A closet does not require a sewage connection. In addition, it is made of frost -resistant plastic and can calmly transfer the winter.

Do not build complex, intricate constructions – this is the same cottage. Such a process does not have practical meaning and financially inappropriate.

The guideline, in addition to compact size, has a lot of advantages. For example, you now get excellent fertilizer for the garden absolutely free. No need to pay for cleaning the pit or dig trenches for sewer pipes. The simplicity of installation also helps to save additionally, you do not need to attract additional labor in order to install a toilet for a summer residence.

An excellent solution will be installed nearby a summer shower. So you highlight the zone for daily hygiene procedures.

You can build a gazebo for relaxation a little to the side, place a barbecue or grill. An ideal way will be the covered design that will protect you and guests from rain and wind.

At a well -equipped dacha, a pleasant vacation is possible in winter. Who has never fried kebabs in winter or sculpted snowmen with children in his own yard, he lost a lot. If everything is done correctly, then the amenities can be used around the clock. Of course, the summer shower is too invigorating, but the toilet is quite capable of performing its functions.

If there is heating in the house, you can comfortably spend the weekend on New Year’s holidays, forgetting about the bustle of city streets.