How to choose vinyl siding?

Siding are called special panels used for decoration of houses, household buildings and loggias. For the first time in Russia, this material appeared in the 90s. To date, it is considered one of the most popular cladding. Below in the article we will consider which type of this material is most suitable for finishing the balcony.

Types of siding panels

Vinyl siding is a panels made of polyvinyl chloride having a certain texture. Each such element is equipped with a edge for nails and a special latch. Panels differ only by the type of fracture. It can be single or double. The first option is called “Christmas tree”. Such panels are made in the USA. The second type of siding – “ship board” is traditional for European countries. The operational characteristics of the panels are completely independent of the fracture of the fracture.

The outer surface of the elements can be smooth or textured. The texture of elements often imitates various popular materials. They look very interesting, for example, panels made “under the tree”. If desired, you can purchase the most suitable option in this particular case. Among other things, vinyl panels can be vertical or horizontal. The first option is called Sofit. This is a fairly new look, which is mainly used for roof decoration. The fact is that some of its species have a ventilation perforation (special holes). Tip: you can find all the variety of these products here – .

Also, siding panels can vary in color. At the moment, about 20 colors are produced, which can be divided into the following main groups:

– Pastel;

– White;

– Color.

The most popular at the moment is the material of pastel colors. Saturated bright colors look just wonderful, but differ from the usual more cost. The fact is that in the dye in this case, elements are added that protect the coating from the harmful effects of sunlight.

How to choose the most suitable panels for facing the balcony?

When buying material, you should be guided primarily by its design. As for the working characteristics, absolutely all varieties of vinyl siding are perfect for decoration of balconies. This material tolerates the effects of adverse weather factors well, is easy to install and durable.

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