How to choose a clothes hanger?

Hanger – the necessary accessory of any apartment. After all, keeping all the clothes in the closet is not too comfortable. It is better if constantly wearable jackets, raincoats and coats will always be at hand. So what kind of hangers are and how to choose the right model?


The hallways most often use wall-pound models equipped with a different number of hooks. They are very convenient, do not take up space at all and can be unusually aesthetic. The second most previous option is flooring. They usually are a staircase, stationary or mobile on wheels. In addition, column designs are often used. The last two models are more suitable for a large hallway, as they occupy a certain number of area. If necessary, you can purchase specialized models designed for specific types of clothing. For example, such as a costume hanger. Instead of hooks, the shoulders are used in its design.

Material used for manufacturing

The most popular option is a wooden item. Such equipment is durable, hypoallergenic, environmental purity and aesthetics. It will look especially harmonious in classical designs and folk directions. In such an interior, you can use the forged model. For minimalism or high tek, a plastic or brilliant metal version is perfect.


To date, such accessories of various decorations are produced. In this case, built -in LED lamps, carving, ornaments, drawings, etc. look great in this case.D. Punctures can have the most different shape. Very beautiful both stylized under the old days and modern of light aluminum or durable plastic.

Hooks are also very different. For example, gilded or made under bronze just look great. Options intended for children can have the form of animals, heroes of animated films, etc.D. Absolutely in any interior, models made by yourself will look great. Most often, a regular board is used for this. You can apply a thread on it, or can be painted, or decorated with metal inserts.

Thus, by correctly choosing the design and design of the accessory, you can not only make your life more convenient, but also decorate the hallway, bedroom or living room.