How to choose a style for your garden?

This question is primarily relevant for people who have recently acquired a garden plot, or want to change existing. It is in this case, as well as possible, there is such an intricate industry as landscape design. The correct selection of style, zoning, functionality and appearance convenient for you – these are the issues that need to be solved before proceeding to work. How to understand what exactly is suitable for you?

The most important of all are four positions. The first of them is the existing landscape, because, often it is often much better to beat what is already there than to create a space from scratch. Another important factor is certainly a view that opens beyond the space of your site. For example, if a forest is located behind its border or, say, a river, it will be wiser not to erect walls and visually expand the boundaries, allowing you to contemplate beautiful landscapes. If your site, which happens more often, borders on neighboring buildings – a rational choice will be blocking visibility, separating by a fence or a green hedge.

The next important point in choosing a style is the presence of buildings on a section of any architectural style. Agree, if you are the owner of a modern house with a fashion facade and a large amount of glass – it is hardly worth making the garden with wooden wells and other elements of “antiquity”, because these styles will not be very harmoniously combined with each other and destroy the integrity of the image.

The third, but far from the last factor is your own character and preferences. Do you like noisy parties, or are you an adherent of an ascetic relaxation?.. Would you like your garden and you can freely observe your neighbors and passers -by, or, say, prefer to isolate from human bustle? Indeed, for a person is closed by nature, it will be committed uncomfortable in the territory open to pity eyes, however, as well as for a lover to show himself, an opaque fence will become inappropriate.

The fourth factor that is able to significantly affect your choice is whether you are going to spend time, caring for a garden? After all, even the presence of a ground lawn can become a real problem for a person who simply does not have time to care for him.

And finally – the main indisputable rule. A well -decorated garden is a garden that is suitable and you like it!