How to choose an hood for a kitchen

The days have gone the past when the hostess was forced to wash the walls from soot, this applies to the tile. Also, the ceiling and wallpaper that would be difficult to wash, because very soon they just have to be replaced were stained. Now everything is much simpler, it is enough to turn on the hood when cooking, which will pull all unpleasant odors and burning. However, before buying, you should read tips and reviews in order to know exactly what you need for the work of the purchase.

You definitely need an option that it will become good to fight wet evaporation, fatty smoke and high temperature. Therefore, you should still take a closer look at the design, cost and manufacturer. Do not forget that the more powerful and modern model, the more expensive its cost. Therefore, provided that you do not have a sufficient amount of money, it is better not to go out.

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Now on the market you can find flat attachments, fireplaces or built -in equipment. The first sample has already been counted for obsolete options, because their power is very small. They put a standard acrylic filter inside them, which changes once every 4-5 months. Some do not bother at all, but buy a metal version, limited to simple washing the device. You are unlikely to achieve good cleaning of the room with such a sample.

The fireplace hood has much more advantages and options, however, not everyone can install such a model. The difficulty is that you have to connect the hood to the chimney. Sometimes they are all busy in apartments, because there is no extra exit.

Well, the built -in option, the most modern, which allows you to hide the device inside. Look, a cabinet is usually placed on top, inside of which the hood is hidden. The metal filter is most often hidden inside. By the way, due to the modern type, you can decorate the unit itself. About the fact that there is an extract there, you can only find out after a metal plug is put forward.

When you start looking at various models, do not forget about the noise level. It may be too high, so take a closer look what you have now, and what will be offered in the store. You do not want to cook with a rhone of a soaring aircraft. Ask to show you units that there is a soundproof building.