How to choose a water heater?

Water heater – the device is very useful especially in those cities and areas where there are interruptions in hot water. For families with young children, it can be simply indispensable. All water heaters, without exception, are divided into gas and electric. The last option is perfect for a city apartment. Gas water heaters are more advisable to use in dachas.

In addition, these devices are classified into flowing and cumulative. Protopotal electrical water heaters are most suitable for those apartments where hot water is often turned off, but there is a cold at the same time. They are compact and can be placed under the sink, in cabinets and other hidden places. Their disadvantage can be considered that they consume quite a lot of electricity. And it is not surprising, because the device that heats the water almost instantly should be very powerful. To such a water heater, it is necessary to bring a separate line of electrical wiring from the shield, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

Excable models (boilers) can be a great choice for those apartments where the water is regularly turned off completely. The principle of their work is that they heat it with the help of Ten and can store it for a long time in this state. These models distinguish quite large sizes. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the volume of water, which can heat and store the device. It is advisable to install very large boilers only in country houses, baths or saunas. For a small apartment, a compact option is more suitable. It is believed that for a family of 3 people will be quite enough for 30-50 liters. Several points can be connected to the accumulative water heater (shower, sink, sink, etc.D.), the flower is installed only in one specific place.

This equipment can differ in cost. The cheapest models are equipped with an ordinary thermostat and mechanical thermometer. If a water heater is included in the design of the water heater with double protection, it will cost more. Models with a smooth set of temperature are considered more convenient than with a discrete. Expensive devices are also equipped with control panels and various indicators.

When choosing an electric heater for an apartment, you should pay attention to its dimensions, design features and functionality. Well, and, of course, you need to correctly calculate the capabilities of your wallet.