Web3 Security Audit as a reliable means of protecting information

The emergence of smart contracts was a consequence of the development of digital technologies and their implementation in all areas of human activity. A similar term refers to an algorithm that manages data on the ownership of a resource or asset using blockchain technology. To protect such information, you need to conduct a Web3 Security Audit.

Audit Characteristics

Verification of any smart contract requires a full and in-depth study of many aspects, starting from the source code and ending with the interaction of the algorithm with the environment in which it operates.

Among the main methods of Smart Contract Audit are:

  1. Static. This procedure is focused on studying the algorithm code and its compliance with optimal indicators. In such situations, the operation of the application itself is not checked.
  2. Dynamic. Focused on studying and analyzing the operation of the application, to what extent the actual results of the work coincide with the expected ones.

When working with Smart Contract Auditor, it is necessary to study both options in order to prevent errors and vulnerabilities that cannot be fixed or rolled back using the blockchain.

Features of the company’s services

CQR provides audit of any smart contracts for companies related to cryptocurrency, digital technologies, logistics, real estate, operating in other areas where interaction with a change in asset ownership is required.

The process is carried out in several stages:

  1. The customer determines the scope of work and the type of smart contract.
  2. Arranges for an audit. Provides all necessary documentation, including smart contract source code.
  3. CQR specialists conduct line-by-line manual static code analysis, identifying errors and vulnerabilities.
  4. Next, dynamic testing is carried out on a specially selected blockchain so that this information does not come out or become the property of third parties and third-party organizations.
  5. Based on the actions taken, it compiles a report where all problems are indicated, errors and vulnerabilities are described and recommendations are given for correcting them.

Thanks to the experience of experts and proven methods, the audit is complete, covers all aspects of the smart contract and allows it to be reliably protected. Specialists can carry out all the work to correct identified deficiencies and conduct a new protection test.

The anonymity of the work and the safety of the information received are guaranteed.