How to choose tile glue?

The quality of the ceiling, floor and walls will directly depend on how correctly the tile glue is chosen. To date, several types of such mixtures are produced. When buying, it is worth paying attention primarily to which place the tile will be mounted in exactly.

Universal glue for tiles

This variety is considered today one of the most common. This mixture is designed to install a tile with a size of 10 x 10 cm to 15 x 30 cm. In the event that the owners of the apartment decided to finish the walls or floor in the bathroom or kitchen this composition is just perfect for them.

Enhanced mixtures

Such tile glue should be selected if it is decided to use a large -format tile (30 x 30 or more). Basically, such mixtures are used for flooring. They are also good for decorating walls with heavy material, for example, porcelain tile. The main distinguishing feature of such compounds is highly adhesive properties, as well as increased resistance to constant loads, both dynamic and static.

Frost -resistant mixtures

This type should be purchased if the material is mounted on the street. For example, when designing a basement, layout of the staircases, terraces, etc.D. It is precisely such a tool that should be used for interior surface decoration in rooms that are not heated in the winter period. This option can be a very good solution, for example, for giving.

Varieties of glue in composition

To date, you can find adhesives such as::

– Glue pastes. Such compositions are very convenient in that immediately after the purchase they are ready to use. When laying a tile using this option of adhesive mixture, you can not rush and do everything thoroughly. The fact is that it dries quite slowly;

– Dry mixes. For preparation, such a composition must be mixed with water in a certain proportion. Gypsum or cement are used as a binder in such adhesives;

– Epoxy mixtures. Before use, it is necessary to combine two components – epoxy resin and the basis. This option is convenient in that when it is used, there is no need to purchase a grout.

The choice of tile adhesives in our time is unusually diverse. If necessary, you can easily purchase a composition that is most suitable in a particular case.

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