How to choose an air cleaner?

The quality of the air of modern megacities leaves much to be desired. High concentration of automobile exhausts, steaming pipes of enterprises, warmed bitumen coatings, dust – realities of urban life. Therefore, in apartments of high -rise buildings, many are now installing special devices – air purifiers. This is certainly a useful technique. However, for the greater cleaning efficiency, it is necessary to choose it correctly.

Before buying an air cleaner, you need to find out its performance. Productivity can be calculated according to the following formula l = n x s x H, where l is the performance of performance, n is the frequency of air exchange (how many times the full volume passes through the device), s is the area of ​​the room, h – its height. And although firms usually indicate what size of the room the device is designed, it is good to make sure that this indicator corresponds to the declared.

When choosing, you need to pay attention like this – the same type and number of filters. The fact is that each of them can purify the air of only one type of pollution. Therefore, expensive models are equipped simultaneously 5 – 6 filters. In cheaper models, the option is used when the cleaning function performs one main filter, the rest make additional completion.

Separately, a special variety of such devices can be distinguished – air washing. They do not require periodic replacement of filters, like ordinary models. Instead, water is used here. At the same time as cleansing, such devices increase air humidity in the apartment. Some models can also ionize and aromatize the room.

In addition to performance and type of filter, it will be good to pay attention to the level of noise of the device. This indicator in most models does not exceed 37 dB. It is this level that does not create inconvenience during sleep. However, there are more modern and expensive options, the level of noise of which is only 16 dB. In addition, some types of cleaners “know” the fan speed at night. And this device just creates a noise.

Some cleaners can be additionally equipped with timers to regulate the operating time, remote controls, fan rotation speed regulators, etc.D. The convenience of the model is also determined by the presence of a display and various indicators on the device panel.