Galvanized pipes

Galled pipes are called steel pipes, on the surface of which a zinc layer is applied, and thanks to this, the resistance of corrosion and the durability of its operation are significantly increased. Galvanized pipes are made of high -quality steel. The zinc layer applied to the surface helps to save the original appearance for a very long time. In addition to the functional load of the pipe of this type, they have the purpose and aesthetic nature. So, galvanized pipe surfaces are matte, but usually pipes in the glossy performance are found. Galvanized pipes – the main material for gas and water. Galled pipes do not rust and serve up to 30 – 40 years.

Galled pipes are widely used in various industrial and civilian facilities, especially in heating systems for pipelines to pump neutral and non -aggressive liquids and gases.

Galled pipes are very durable, resistant to corrosion and simple in the installation of a chimney from this type of pipes. Installation can be done both at the initial stage of the construction of the house, and at a later, when installing a fireplace in a building, which has already been put into operation. The chimney made of galvanized pipes is perfectly suitable for almost all types of furnaces and boilers. Such a chimney is almost invisible, but carries a very important function, since the natural traction that is created in the chimney effectively removes combustion products. The normal chimney has the following features: good aerodynamics contribute to the correct course of combustion products; The chimney should have a round section so that the smoke is excreted as efficiently as possible; The chimney should be resistant to the influence of an aggressive environment, and the desired inner surface of the chimney will not let the soot settle on the walls.

When using the water supply, galvanized pipes can be with a thread. The length of the pipes is mainly from 4 to 12 meters, and the mass of the galvanized pipe is 3% heavier than the neocyrected. Also, depending on the thickness of the walls, the pipe can be light, ordinary or enhanced.

Pipes accuracy can be ordinary or increased. When installing water pipelines, gas pipelines and heating systems, pipes of ordinary accuracy are used.

The use of galvanized pipes instead of traditional steel pipes can significantly increase the service life of construction sites. Statistics data say that galvanized pipes last up to 25–35 years, neocying – 3-4 years.