“Stew” by winter

Winter in our region, although not as harsh as in Alaska, can present many surprises for motorists. In general, winter with its frosts, slush and ice delivers a lot of trouble, and the risks of getting into an accident on the road, not even through their fault, are very high. Therefore, everyone and everyone needs to treat this with full responsibility. You can’t change the rubber on wheels – go to work in the subway. So you are calmer, and for others on the road is safer.

Of course, to “retrace” the car for the winter may seem expensive, but if you buy tires here- /tyres /185-60-r14, it will cost much cheaper than in a regular automobile salon. Well, if you think about the fact that life is at all invaluable, then you will be more serious about this.

It is tires that is the part of the car that is directly in contact with the roadbed. Hence the conclusions: save on tires – it will still be more expensive. The current automotive industry constantly uses new developments, both in the field of materials science and in the field of production technologies, therefore, what auto stores offer today, it seemed just fantastic years ago. Thanks to this, the level of safety on the road has increased many times.

Unlike summer rubber, winter tires are softer due to the rubber used, which does not blow in the cold and provides a better adhesion with the roadbed. It also significantly softens the load on the suspension due to the depreciation of the shock.

Many people wonder which one is better to take winter tires – studded or not. Here everyone should decide for himself, based on which roads he plans to ride most often. If you go on studded rubber on ice or snow, then there are no equal to it, whatever you say. But if we talk about the asphalt road, then they are inferior here. Therefore, if most often you travel in the city on roads with asphalt, which is regularly cleaned from snow, then there is no special sense in buying studded rubber, because we go to the snow in the city infrequently.

It is always recommended to change rubber before the first frosts and snowfalls, since surprise is a bad fellow traveler, especially on the road. Even if you have a very extensive experience of driving, you do not need to experience fate once again. It is better to take care of everything in advance and at any time of the year to feel confident on any road.