Construction with non -removable formwork

Construction with non -removable formwork

Blocks of not removed formwork are two plates of a fairly dense polystyrene foam, which in turn is interconnected by special very strong jumpers. Cavities, they have, in the process of construction work they are reinforced and filled with concrete mixture. Due to the special design of the blocks, during the construction of structures using non -removable formwork, it becomes possible to completely neglect the use of temporary partitions. The blocks of this formwork will be able to ensure simply perfect tightness of the compounds and will block the flow of concrete mixture. It should also be noted that the construction of a monoblock structure using a fixed formwork option is absolutely not difficult and not an expensive process. Since, the lower and upper planes of the formwork details have special complex locks, for this reason these blocks are collected and fastened with each other like cubes in the Lego children’s designer, without the use of any complementary materials. The high reliability of fastening the walls of the blocks with concrete will be provided by the presence of specially designed grooves on their inner surface. It is also interesting that the shape of the grooves resembles “tails of a swallow”.

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In this way, based on the structure of blocks, the technology of monolithic construction using non -removable polystyrene formwork is the construction of a reinforced concrete monolithic wall. It is important that such a reinforced concrete wall will have a sound and heat shell on both sides: both outside and inside. A similar shell is considered the most reliable protection from the formation of “cold bridges” – which is considered a rather large plus during the execution of residential buildings in absolutely any climatic zones.

It should be noted that in monolithic buildings from fixed formwork, you can immediately start finishing work. With all this, the internal walls do not need additional processing, the walls themselves will be ready for decoration with different materials that are fixed either using mechanical fastening in concrete, or to glue.

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