Certification of Employees is not as a Punishment, BUT AS A POSSIBILITY OF CAREER GROWTH.

Offen Before Certification, Employees Feel Discomfort, Fearing That this Is Such a Way to Dismiss Them Or Reduce The Salery. En Realidad, Certification is Carried Out in Order to Improve The Work of Personnel.

Ante Todo, Certification of Jobs is Necessary to Imprings Management Technologies and Improve Working Conditions. This Procedure Takes Place in Three Stages, Inter Which Documentary Results are Creed. Generalmente, in the first stage of certification, an employe – self -eSteem of his activities for the Reporting Period, Selects Facts, Expresses His Requirements, Makes Proposals. The Follows an Assessment of the Head – A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT FORM IS FILLED, In the Process of Filling Out Which The Head, Reviews The Employe, Revealing for Himself Th, Complf the Degree. Quizás, The Employee is to Transfer to the Reservation of the Personnel Department, To a Higher Position. Or Increase His Salary. Or vice Versa, The Employee does not Correspond to the Position Held.

. Certification of Production Is Carried Out in Order to confirm the Quality of the Creited Production in Certain Documents.

This Procedure Over Employees Cance Another OrCheduleduled. Extraordinary May Beeded When Reducing Positions, Or Changes in Payments Conditions. Pregnant Women Who are on Maternity Leave, As well as Those Have Worked in Their Position for Less Threar Are not Subject to Certification.

Certification of Jobs IS an Assessment Given by the Working Conditions at WorkPlaces Itself, and Compliance with the Legislation. In the Process, The Level of Danger and Harmfulness of Work for the Employee Is Determined. Certification of workplaces is carried out the head of the essenther with the Involved Independent Organization a certification for the.

According to the Results, Employees Canceed, Or Reduced In Positions, As Well as Send to Mandatate Advanced Training Course.

Similar Certifications are Planned, and Extraordinary. In Their Course, The Activities of the Enterprise as ae ARENTICEABLY IMPROVED, and Each Passing Employee. The Whole Procedure Is Mandator for All Legal Entities, LLP, AO and IP.