Avant -Gard Style in the Interior

The Avant -gard Style is Becomping Increasingly Popular in Interior Design Today. Consider The Main Features of this Style.

The Appe, an Avant -gard Style in Interior Design Isly Related to the Development of Modern and Avant -gard in Art. Initially, This Style Was Creed as an Alternate to Classics with Its Solemnity, Stript Proportions and Straight Lines. TheFore, in the Avant -Gard Style, EVERYTHING IS Exactly the Opposite: Well -tHough -out Chaos, Combining Inconsistent. On the Interior in this Style, Only Large Originals Who Want to Stand Out from the Crowd Are Solved.

In the Avant -Garde Interior, Much Attend IS Paid to Forms, Colors and Contrasts. The Avant -gard Style is Bright SatUrated Colors and Their Combinations. There are no Wallpapers with a Pattern, and The Walls are Plain and Offten Painted Each in Its Color. In the Avant -garde Interior Is Dominated by Red, Yellow, Green, Black and White Colors.

The Choice of Materials in Such An Interior Is Wide. IT Can Be Glass, Wood, Metal, A Variety of Plasters, Laminate, etc.

There are Many Geometric Figures in the Avant -gard Style of the Interior: Circles, Squares, Rectangles, etc.D. Furniture for the Avant -gard Style of the Interior Is Selected the Most Non -standard Forms and Materials. It can be with Straight angles or rounded, and the upholstery mustinly be bright color, with a laarge Pattern or with. Each Piece of Furniture Must Be Original, At the Same Time Have Someting in Common with the Rest. Forged Stars, Doors from the Warehouse, An Exclusive Carpet, A Prominent Cabinet and Other Things that Chombined in the Overall Composition of the Interior SHOULD HAPE COMMON Features.

The Avant -gard Style Welcomes The Use of EVERYTHING MODERN: LCD – TV, Wardrobes, Metal Furniture. Built -in Furniture Can Also’s Be Used Here, Which Frees Space and Makes The Rooms Brighter and More Spacious.

Lighting is Very Important in the Interior of the Avant -gard Style. It shoup be bright that can be Achieved either at the expense of laarge windows, or due to a large number of lamps, usaally buult intended or.

The Avant -gard Style Makes The Most Incompathil Things and Colors Harmoniusly Combine, While Creating Comfort and Comfort. BUT ONLY A Good Designer Or A Person with Excellent Taste Can Successfully Design The Interior in the Avant -gard Style, Otherwise Itsy To Cross the Line THEAS THEEST STELS THEALS.