ASKUE – AN Effective Decrease in Energy Consumption in Production

Any Production Consumes a Huge Amount of Electricity. Machines, Tools, Automatic Lines and Other Industrial Equipment Require Powerful and Unininterrupted Power. In this regard, it is important at enterprises to correctly distribute elementrical consumption in Order to Ensure Stable and Full -fledged OF THE ENTIRE Production. For these Purposes, An ascue Is Offten Installed at Enterprises.

What is Askue?

ASKUE IS an Automatic Control and Accounting System that Allows You to Effectively Use Electricity and Maintain Stript Control Over Consumption. Thanks to the Introduction of this System, and Fairly Significant Saving of Electricity is Achieved. In Addition, with Its Help Its Possible to Provide Electricity Costs in the Future, Analyze Consumption in the Draw The Appropriate Conclusions.

Automatic System of Accounting and Control of Energy Resources Gives the Most Accurate Data. All Errors are Practically Reduced to Zero. This fact Guaranteees the Effectivence of Its Work. Entrepreneurs who decide to buy askue Will Definitely not Regret it. From the First Days of Ophed, They Will Feel Incredible Savings. In Addition, They Will Be Able to Provide for All Expenses for Electrical Consumption in Advanse. By the way, this item of Expenses in the Enterprise Is the Most Costly. ASKUE IS A UNIQUE CHANCE to REDUCE ELECTRICITY PAYMENT SEVERAL TIMES, WHICH ESPECIALALLY IMPORTANT, Given the Increase in EleCtricity Price.

The Tasks Performed by Askue

Ascue Has Great Opportunites. It is Able to Perform the Following Functions:

Automatically Collecting Information;

Store Accounting Parameters;

Comply with The Power Consumption Limit.

The capabilites of ascue

With the Help of ascue, You Can Easily Derive Several Tariffs for Different Consumers. This is Very Convenent if or more enterprises work with you on on line. You can Keep Records of Electricity Consumption and Set Tariffs Separatly for Each of them. MOREOVER, THANKS to the System, It is Possible to Ensure Strip Over the Volume of Consumption and Likelihood of Electricity. In Addition, The System Automatically Draws up a Report on Energy Consumption, Which Greatly Simplifies Accounting and Control.

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