“Venetian plaster

In numerous apartments, the walls in bathrooms are traditionally finished using ceramic tiles, a little less often in these rooms you can find PVC panels, in some cases the walls are simply painted, but as part of this article we’ll talk about another option that is commonly called “Venetian” plaster plaster. Why exactly this material, and for what reason it is in the bathroom?

The main advantage of this finishing material is its one hundred percent water resistance, in the case of pollution, which is often found in the bath, you can not be afraid, clean and wash it with any detergents, most importantly, that there is no solvent. Another positive quality is quite good wear resistance, as well as environmental friendliness and fire safety.

A bathroom, trimmed with a marble multi -colored mosaic or snow -white marble in the style of Roman term, will look very worthy.

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First you should prepare the surfaces of the walls that will be processed by this plaster. Where it is required, it should be grinded, and again skin, the wall should be even. Next, you should clean it with a vacuum cleaner and make sure that it is dry. After that, you need to apply a special primer, if one layer is not enough, apply more, if you do not find a primer, you can treat the surface with acrylic paint.

After the primer dries, proceed to putty, gently applying the coating over the entire surface. Basic, the first layer will set the tone and finally levels the surface, the following layers will be finishing. Using a flexible spatula, you should apply short strokes on the wall, then perform the same layer for the same strokes for half an hour, then the third, while the spotting becomes an inconspicuous. Half an hour after the end with a small skin, re -clean the wall again.

The latter is the application of the finish coating, it is not desirable to use varnish, the best option for the bathroom is synthetic wax, it will give a matte shade and better protect the coating from water. Wax needs to be rubbed into the plaster as in small strokes, but as thoroughly as possible and after this procedure, the last stage occurs – processing using a polishing circle.