Screw piles

Screw piles

In the process of designing the foundation, one of the options may be the use of screw piles. This product is currently very popular in construction. It is worth recalling that a screw pile is a metal supporting pipe with a blade at a pointed end. In housing construction, most piles with a pipe diameter are 108-133 millimeters and a screw, which has a diameter of 300-350 millimeters. The area of ​​such screws is sufficient to perform the necessary support during the construction of light houses made of wood, based on LSTK, using light concrete. In cases of fairly heavy buildings made of stone, it is better to opt for monolithic or strip foundations.

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The advantages of screw piles are obvious. The production of these products does not require large costs, for this reason the cost of piles is not high. Installation is not difficult and the construction of the foundation for a small structure does not take more than 2-3 days. It is economically justified to use piles on uneven areas and slopes. In some cases, screw piles are simply indispensable. In particular, during the construction of pierces and berths, large material waste was required with the involvement of heavy equipment, T, with the emergence of screw piles, the construction of data from surface objects became possible even for private developers.

The choice of foundation will require certain knowledge and the availability of relevant information. Before designing, you need to analyze the soil and calculate all the loads from the planned structure. Then the foundation parameters should be determined: base area, laying depth, and so on. When using screw piles, it will also be necessary to get data on the structure and soil. Among other things, it must be remembered that screw piles are a metal structure that are exposed to external chemical corrosion and electrochemical, soil corrosion. Corrosion rate is an important factor that affects the durability of metal products. For this reason, before making the final choice in favor of the screw piles in the form of the foundation, the level of soil aggression on the construction site for metal should be determined.

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