Playing the ceiling with wallpaper

Praise the ceiling with wallpaper is traditionally considered one of the most complex and rather painstaking stages of cosmetic repair of the premises, but all complexity in this case causes banal errors of the master of the work of the master. If you strictly follow some recommendations, then the task of using a qualitatively to paste the ceiling will not be presented nearby exhausting, extremely painful work.

Before pasting the ceiling with wallpaper, as well as before laying the walls, the decorated surfaces must be prepared for decoration, in other words the ceiling must be cleaned of old materials, remove nails and buttons from it, and then rinse and degrease it.

The most important stage of pasting the ceiling is its preliminary marking, while you need to remember that the wallpaper sheets are more correct to glue perpendicular to the windows, so the joints between them will be almost invisible. Initially, on the ceiling, you should draw a perfectly horizontal line, for this, from the side of one of the walls on the ceiling, you need to put an end to the distance of the width of the sheet of the wallpaper. It is necessary to measure the interval from the wall from its most protruding part at the ceiling, and then through the set mark on the ceiling should be drawn a flat line, it will be the edge of the wallpaper strip.

In cases where the wall with respect to the ceiling has serious distortion, it is better to make a pair of tens of centimeters in the distance from it, and the remaining line at the end of the work should be sealed along a sheet of paper wallpaper.

The wallpaper itself needs to be cut into tapes with a small margin, spread one of the tapes on the floor and well smear it with wallpaper glue, with glue more correctly, first smear the center of the wallpaper sheet, and then smear with transverse movements and its edges and its edges. The strip of wallpaper with glue must be folded with the letter ‘s’, for this the sheet should just be lifted and lower it carefully folded into a winding layer, about fifty centimeters wide. Then the packing of wallpaper must be transferred to the pallet, or stooping it immediately on the pallet, and the pallet can be a simple sheet of cardboard, plywood or wood -fiber slab.

Work on gluing the ceiling should be carried out using at least one assistant who could hold a pallet with a sheet of wallpaper near the ceiling, and the other would glue the sheet to the surface, gradually moving along the guide line. After gluing one sheet of wallpaper, it must be rolled with a dry painting roller, and all subsequent sheets must be glued according to the same principle.