Modern view of the decoration of the apartment

Today, a wide variety of materials are used when decorating apartments. They are different in their origin, in quality, purpose, in characteristics, etc.D. If you conditionally divide the finishing materials, then materials that have been known for a long time and still do not lose their popularity will relate to one of the groups. These include stone, brick, tree, paints, etc. The next group includes materials that appeared on the market relatively recently. As a rule, they affect the market, both from the side of quality and the financial side and almost always attract great attention to customers. Such materials include facing panels, siding, etc.D. Despite all the advantages of new materials, it is still better to use natural analogues, but there is one nuance here – such a decoration of the apartment does not always look beautiful. For example, using a stone from the practical side is very convenient, this material has an excellent texture and structure, but it can only be used when decorating small areas, for example, a fireplace, a floor or a small part of the wall from below. It is not suitable for other options, since the aesthetics will be spoiled. The opposite can be said about the tree. It makes almost any interior more comfortable, goes well with stone and tiles. The tree itself is quite expressive material and when used in the design of the room, the main attention is drawn to the tree. Due to these qualities, the tree is very popular in decorating apartments and belongs to the category of basic finishing materials. Since this material is natural, it must be treated with various impregnations and/or paintwork that will protect it from negative external influences. The most commonly used material for decoration of apartments is wallpaper that give customers a wide selection not only due to the wide colors, but also due to a large number of varieties. Because of this, choosing the most suitable option for decoration of the room is sometimes very difficult. Only one thing can be advised here – to dwell on the option that is most suitable for the general concept of the design of the apartment (at home). The main thing is to think several times whether a certain color and texture are definitely suitable, otherwise it will be difficult to tear off the wallpaper, and it’s a pity, and the balance in the design will be violated.