How to get an electronic visa to Russia: basic rules and advantages

Almost everything can be done online today. The list of activities on the Internet is constantly expanding, opening up completely new horizons. Many documents can be processed remotely, but a visa to Russia is something new. Literally: elektronisches visum St Petersburg were put into circulation in mid-2023.

For reference

Initially, an e-visa allowed access to only two settlements in the Russian Federation: Kaliningrad with its special status and the cultural capital of St. Petersburg. In 2024 the list was expanded. Today you can visit the entire territory of Russia without restrictions.

The E-visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. Entitles you to a single trip of up to 16 days. Issued remotely. The main goal is tourism. An electronic visa is also issued to establish scientific, cultural, sports, social, economic, socio-political connections and attend relevant events. It cannot be used for study or work.

How to get

Some visas can be issued upon arrival in the country. E-visa to Russia does not apply to them. The application must be submitted at least 4, maximum 50 days before the expected date of travel. To do this, you need to fill out an electronic form and attach a recent high-quality photograph, as well as scans of two documents: a passport and health insurance. Confirmation of the purpose of your stay—a hotel reservation, for example, or a ticket to an event—is not required. Each travel participant needs a separate electronic visa, including minors.

Registration is paid – you will have to pay a consular fee. An exception is children under 6 years old; e-visa is free for them. Russia has a very positive view of children’s tourism.

To enter Russia, you need to present two documents at the customs point. The first is a foreign passport. The second is a printed e-visa approval notice. No other papers are required, which is incredibly convenient.

Applying for an electronic visa is a simple process, but sometimes it’s easier to contact the Visa-Navigator visa center: it takes care of all the hassle. Even in the simplified procedure that applies to e-visa, you can get confused if you are not used to it, and a professional visa center is the best assistant. He will guide you by the hand through all stages of the application, provide detailed advice, and help you understand different types of visas. Visa-Navigator is your guide in the world of international relations!