How to choose a sink?

The correct choice of the sink depends, first of all, on the constructive solution and its size. Here are the shells at the moment:

Integrated into the cabinet or table. It is considered the most convenient option, since it correctly organizes the workspace. The cabinet of such a product can contain many household items. The cabin itself perfectly hides all communications, giving the kitchen or bathroom a more beautiful view. Very often complete with a table or a cabinet, the kit includes a hinged mirror or a hinged cabinet.

Sink with a semi -department. Such products have no rear walls, due to which it is tightly pressed against the wall. The design requires draining at a clearly defined height, so you need to calculate the length of communications for draining water.

Sink “tulip” type with a pedestal. The most common option, because it can have a variety of forms. The product is attached to the wall with brackets. Both a siphon and communications hide inside the column (pedestal).

Useful tips

one. Before buying a sink to the bathroom or to the kitchen, you need to make all the measurements prematurely and figure out whether it is suitable for a new place. For forget to take into account that products can have a width from 30 cm to 2.5-3 m, depending on the design.

2. Look at the integration of the drain system with fasteners. If the integrated siphon is not sold in the kit, you need to buy it on the spot. Producer companies often equip the product with siphons, but sometimes it happens that they are not.

3. When purchasing a sink, take care not only about buying a siphon, but also a mixer. Russian products in 70% of cases are not compatible with imported models of mixers, so you need to pay attention to compatibility by elementaryly attaching a new mixer to the place of fastening and considering the type of fastening of the communication pipe. If the communication of communications is made in such a way that you can install a common mixer for the sink and bathroom, there is no point in installing a new mixer.

four. Pay attention to the material of the countertop where the sink is cut. The most “running materials”:

– cast marble, which is made of granite crumb and connecting resin;

– Acrylic -based duralumin;

– Quartzite, which in appearance resembles marble, but has a more saturated color scheme.

We hope our tips will help you make a really right choice!