Apartment purchase

It’s no secret that buying an apartment in our time makes us make titanic efforts. First of all, of course financial. Recently I came across a page on the Internet, which is presented, a relatively inexpensive option for purchasing an apartment – Solntsevo Park.

But to buy an apartment, this is only a floor. After the purchase, it follows a very expensive and protracted process of repair, which, as you know, is worse than two fires. Having arranged and repaired their apartment, people are faced with the next misfortune, whose name is housing and communal services. The prices of public utilities are amazing with their prices, and the services provided are amazing, practically, by their absence. And the worse things are, the more you have an apartment. So where is our money go?

The most expensive part of our service, of course heating. And this is in the country, which is the largest world exporter of energy in the world, paradox. The next consumption article is water supply. In addition, from month to month, with the speed of the hero, the accounts for the repair and maintenance of the entrance and the surrounding territories are growing. And no one surprises anyone, that, in fact, nothing is done, how fashionable to say “this is Russia baby”.

In order to reduce the costs of servicing their apartment, and reduce the number of requisitions from communal workers, many people resort to the installation of all kinds of meters and energy conservation lamps. And this is fair, no one wants to pay for that guy. And those who set the metering devices are pleasantly surprised by the reduced accounts for the apartment.

But a Russian person would not be Russian if such difficulties stopped him. Our people are increasingly resorting to buying housing, which. And very often there is a choice of an apartment in a new building or in an already operated house. Both have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to remember that whatever option you choose. Financial costs are not only in expenses for the purchase of an apartment, but also for its repair and maintenance. Therefore, without having enough financial resources, it is better not to take on the purchase of an apartment. The thing seems to be banal, but many people, especially young families, suffer greatly due to non-compliance with this, simple advice.

If you decide to buy an apartment in a new house, then you are wondering where to buy better and cheaper. I advise you to go to the Novostroy-M website this site monitors new buildings and find a suitable option.