Wallpaper. What should you know about them: characteristics and installation

Despite the fact that the wallpaper is the cheapest and most popular way of wall design, not many can choose them correctly. This is primarily connected with a large number of various types of design, which must be chosen not only in accordance with taste and preferences, but also by the features of the room.

When choosing wallpaper for walls, you need to take into account the following:

one. For small rooms with poor lighting, they choose light wallpaper. Do not underestimate the fact that the color of the wallpaper can affect the perception of the room. Light shades of wallpaper in a small room will help to make it a lighter and more cozy.

2. In large rooms, you can use both light and dark shades of wallpaper. In this case, the drawing should be large in its presence, and it is best absent at all. This pattern can be associated with the fact that a small and heaped pattern on a large wall will lead to the appearance of an rowan in the eyes, which in turn carries a load on the eyes. Lack of a drawing or not a large degree of manifestation, its large sizes will help to avoid the appearance.

3. When choosing wallpaper, you need to pay attention to what type of paper they are made of. This not only affects how they will look on the wall, will hide defects of the base, but also the degree of their environmental friendliness.

four. The size of the coil. The most important indicator, so when choosing and buying it is worth considering the required amount of this material, which can be calculated, given the size of the coil. In addition, wider options for the execution of wallpaper sheets lead to a decrease in the number of joints when gluing them, which allows you to achieve the effect of smooth wall covering.

5. Who is the manufacturer. Manufacturer, its reputation and reviews always characterize the quality of the product manufactured.

6. General direction of the room. When choosing wallpaper, it is necessary to select shades that are suitable for the general direction of the room.

When choosing wallpapers, you can also ask the seller’s advice, but you should not listen to him, since most of them are the initial goal only to sell something from their goods, and not help the buyer.

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