Useful tips for repair

What you need to pay attention to when choosing specialists in decoration and repair in the first place:

one.An extremely low price level and the lack of a contract suggests that:

BUT. The work is carried out not under the contract, and accordingly there is no guarantee of the quality of the work performed, as well as the lack of responsibility on the part of the brigade does not guarantee that the repair will be completed in terms of time and fully.

AT. The first impressions after the completion of the repair leave much to be desired.

FROM. As a rule, such masters primarily focus on extremely low prices, thereby trying not to miss the opportunity to interest the customer, in the future during the repair of prices, rise to 2 times.

2. Please note that any repairs, whether cosmetics or luxury, cost not small cash costs, and therefore you need to trust first of all who correctly approaches this issue. Always negotiate with the organization all the estimates, financing, and further techniques of individual parts of the work.

3. If you intend to carry out comprehensive repairs of the apartment, then never trust those who ask for an advance in the amount of more than 40% of the total cost of complex work. Each stage of work is in different ways. Usually if this is a comprehensive repair, then the entire amount is divided into several stages. Usually these are 3-5 stages, which in turn in the amount equivalent to the work performed.

For example:

Stage 1 – dismantling work;

Stage 2 – preparatory work (garbage removal and t.D.);

Stage 3-installation and test work;

Stage 4 – finishing work (painting, wallpaper gluing, laminate, installation of interior doors).

four. The average statistical price of comprehensive finishing work (at the level of renovation) for this period stopped at 4000 rubles. per square meter on the floor, in equivalent of 150 US dollars. Some organizations offer a large amount, some – less. All this is due to risks, responsibility, approach, quality. That is why you should not even contact those who offer less than $ 100 per square meter on the floor from the calculation of quality according to the Euro-Standard.

In general, it all depends only on yourself. Are you ready to make changes in your life or not, if yes- be prepared for “financial” shock, since any repair, today, costs not small cash costs.

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