The interior of the bedroom in the style of minimalism

The interior style “Minimalism” originated in the middle of the last century in the USA under the influence of Japanese culture. It was based on the idea of ​​creating comfortable housing, combining the simplicity and practicality of the situation. Nowadays, this style is popular all over the world and is used for any room, whether it is a kitchen, living room, bathroom, hallway or bedroom.

For a minimalist bedroom, restrained tones are chosen: white, beige, gray, brown and black. As a rule, there are two contrasting colors in the interior, of which lighter dominates.

To give comfort in the design of the room, expressive color accents are used. They can be black or bright, for example, red, orange.

In the design of the interiors design, both artificial and natural materials are used. Preference is given by plain plastered or painted walls. You can create an imitation of plaster using non -woven wallpaper. A parquet board or neutral carpet is suitable as a flooring. The laconic spirit of minimalism corresponds to a light stretch ceiling.

The style involves good light illumination, so there should be many spotlights in the room. In addition to the lighting of the ceiling and wall decor, other light sources will be appropriate in the bedroom. Clothing lamps, characterized by simple geometric shapes, will provide a relaxing and muffled atmosphere.

A distinctive feature of minimalism is the functional furniture of clear geometric shapes. A special place in the bedroom is occupied by a bed-flood. On both sides of it you can put simple cabinets. A wardrobe merging in color with walls will allow you to hide numerous things from prying eyes and maintain an exemplary order in the room. Instead, you can equip a dressing room or podium in the bedroom.

Even in a minimalist interior there should be a decor that brings harmony and comfort to the room. It is permissible to hang on the wall at the head of the bed a picture, watches or photos. The artistic highlight of the bedroom will give painting on glass or stained glass. Modelity also applies to textiles: plain bedspreads and several decorative pillows, modest winding of windows are acceptable. Better to use blinds instead of curtains.

A properly organized living space has a positive effect on residents, and for minimalism the harmonization of the environment is the main task.