Renting mopeds and motorcycles in Bali: advantages and features

Bali is a world famous resort island. However, its territory is quite large; to get to different beaches or other interesting places, you will need to use transport. Scooter and motorbike rental in Bali is offered on the

Features of the service

The Bali BikeHouse company offers scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles for rent for any period, starting from three days of use. That is, vehicles are not issued for one or two days and applications on the website are not accepted.

It is worth considering that for rent from 3 to 7 days the daily fee will be the highest. It decreases as the time of use increases. The pitch changes after a week of rental, two weeks, three weeks and a month.

Helmets are provided free of charge along with a moped or motorcycle rental to enhance the safety of the trip. There are points where bikes can be delivered or picked up for free. These options should be clarified on the website when ordering a rental or booking a service.

Rent is calculated daily, mileage is not taken into account when paying.

For a more detailed selection, each moped or motorcycle has its own page on the company’s website, where photographs are presented from different angles, the technical characteristics of the models are indicated, and the cost in euros, Australian and American dollars, and Russian rubles.

For an easier search, you can determine the start date of the rental and see which vehicles will be available to users.


The company has at its disposal a large fleet of scooters and motorcycles of varying power from world famous manufacturers. You can choose a vehicle based on rental price, appearance, and technical characteristics. Take into account your capabilities and experience, location in Bali, proposed travel routes.

All equipment is provided in good condition, sanitized and prepared for travel. Reservations are made automatically; the system guarantees that on the required date, at the specified location, the ordered vehicle will be waiting for the client.

The company regularly offers discounts on certain services or motorcycle models; they are updated regularly; it is worth keeping an eye on information about promotions. The rental price is affordable for tourists with any economic capabilities.

You can get comprehensive advice from the managers on each vehicle model, rental conditions, and they will give advice on how to get a bike according to the most profitable options.