Plastic pipes

In order to change old iron or cast -iron pipes in the house, in the country or apartment, it is necessary to start with the development of the diagram of the future pipeline. Before dismantling the previous pipes, you need to think through everything to every little thing. By collecting the detailed scheme of the future pipeline, which should be extremely detailed, do not forget to take into account each node, that is, the places where the taps (tips for choosing a crane) will be located, where flexible hoses will be connected, both for the toilet with the washbasin and for the bathroom and the bathroom and the bathroom Soul, as well as a sink with a washing machine. These compounds need special components with plastic drives. In addition, it is recommended for each element of the bathroom, for example, the consumer of water, to put a separate crane in order to be possible, in the event of a toilet leak, disconnect it separately. Otherwise, it will be necessary to disconnect the full water supply of the apartment, as they acted in old houses.

Vential cranes are recommended to put metal at once. This option will steal a little space for a variety of adapters, but it will save from a continuous laborious replacement of valves from plastic.

After the calculation of the required material, you can start measurements of each distance, while taking into account the thickness of the pipe in a certain section of the water supply. In this distance, all consumables are included – connections and adapters.

When buying pipes, it is recommended to purchase them with a small margin, so as not to run to the store for missing centimeters subsequently.

In the process of thinking about the location of the pipes, you should pay attention to the issue of the fastening of the pipes. It is also necessary to calculate all fasteners. The best option would be the place where the drill will be easiest to enter the wall, but on the condition that the fasteners there will stay quite well.

Pipes for hot water are best done not just straight, but with a small knee, since in the process of temperature difference, they, according to the laws of physics, will succumb and bend and bends.

Thinking through the whole scheme, you can safely go for the material.

For an apartment, it is recommended to purchase a pipe for twenty. In this place you need to decide how the pipes will be collected. There are two options:

– staging pipes using a special soldering iron;

– Assembly of pipes for special adapters.

The second option is more time -consuming, but fewer errors will be made.