How to choose a water filter?

If at water supply stations, water also meets certain health safety standards, then passing many kilometers through worried water pipes, it is saturated with a mass of substances harmful to the body and enters the apartments already completely unusable for drinking. Therefore, the use of the filter in our time is required by many.

Filters “Bench”

Such models will be very useful if you need not too much water. It is a regular container made in the form of a jug. Under its own weight, the liquid enters through the coal cartridge to the lower part of the container. This device has several disadvantages. Firstly, it is low throughput. You can clean no more than 5 liters at a time. Secondly, you need to change cartridges every 3 months.

Stationary filters

There are two types of similar designs – the so -called “under sink” systems and floor dispensers. The latter very much resemble a regular cooler. However, refuel them with purchased water, of course, do not need. The principle of their work is very similar to the principle of action of jugs. The difference is in greater performance.

Equipment “under the sink” consists of three cartridges immediately. The first cleans water from mechanical impurities, the second – from organic and chemical and the third improves its taste quality. This type of sorption filters is mounted quite simply and is currently considered the most popular. Separately, very effective systems of reverse osmosis can be distinguished. Cleaning is carried out through a special “mesh” that passes only water molecules. All bacteria and impurities remain behind her. However, at the same time, additional measures have to be carried out on mineralization.


This is a more convenient and productive type of cleaning equipment. Such a device is put on the crane. If desired, it can be removed. Water passing through the cartridge becomes quite clean. The disadvantage of such a model can be considered that with weak pressure, a stream of crane with a nozzle goes a very thin stream. If you unscrew the valve harder, the quality of cleaning will noticeably deteriorate. Also, such a nozzle cannot be used to filter hot water.

Thus, when choosing a filter, one should be guided primarily by how much water needs a family for a day. Of course, you should take into account how much it is contaminated in a particular area.

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