How to choose a metal front door

How to choose a metal door? Overhaul means the replacement of all material. This material includes the front door. For a frequent in the domestic market, you can find most of the different options. The most popular today are metal doors that have a high level of protection.What needs to be taken into account when choosing a door? First of all, pay attention to the design. Designs should be all -welded. The box is made of steel bent sheets. As a result of which this serves as an additional rib of stiffness. In order for the door to have high noise – and thermal insulation installers fill it with special materials (mounting foam, basalt cotton wool)

Carefully study the location of the steel sheet. He must be on both sides. Before choosing a door, you need to know that high -quality doors are filled only from durable steel sheets that have a thickness of 1.5 – 2 mm. Too thin sheet is an indicator of low -quality doors that cannot provide high thermal insulation.

The third thing you should take into account is the number of stiffeners. A large number of ribs guarantees additional door resistance to hacking. Do not choose a door that is equipped with two bent sheets, but the middle has no stiffness ribs. Such a door will be protected. In addition, in the door, which have several stiffeners, can allow the owner to mount as many locks as possible into them. Plus, you need to approach this responsibly to the choice of locks.

So that the door does not quickly sag and is protected from abrasion, you need to watch that the loops contain a supporting ball.

It is not unimportant to cover the door, which in the details you will learn on the Modern metal doors are often covered with special powder enamel. Such enamel will protect your door from rusting, and even from corroding with acid, which serves as a guarantor of durability. And this is an environmental option.

And also naturally you should turn your attention to the design of the door, which will correspond with your interior.

All of the above tips will be able to allow you to choose a high -quality iron door for many years. The choice of such things should be treated wisely. Good luck!