Diamond Technology – A New Word In Construction.

Among All Ways to Obtain Holes in Concrete that Exist Today, Diamond Drilling is the Most Optimal Technology. This Method Is More Effective, Fast and Safe in Comparison with Traditional Methods. Diamond drilling allows you to perform even and neat holes in solid materials such as reinforced concrete, hormigón, natural stone, while drilled holes do not require further processing, and the diameter fully corresponds to the size of the diamond crown. When Drilling Holes Under Communication in the Wall, Foundation Or Overlap of the Building, Diamond Drilling Has A Number of Advantages, Por Ejemplo, Lack of Cracks, Dust Andes Noise.

Diamond Drilling Equipment Has Compact Dimensions, Which Allows You To Work in Conditions of Limited Space. With The Help of a Drilling Machine, It is Possible to Make Holes in Various Materials with A Diameter of up to 150 CM and Practically Unlimited Depths. Which is Also Very Important – Drilling Holes is Carried Out Very Quickly. Diamond Drilling of Holes is Actively Used When Installing Air Conditioners and Installing Systems. It is Also Convenent to uce is Installing Water Supply, Sewage Systems and Electric Systems in the Building. Drilling with A Diamond Tool is A Very Affordable and Reliable Method for Obtaining Holes in Rooms with Difficult Accesses, AT ANY ANGE. The Holes Made Are Geometrically Accuraate, With Even and Smooth Edges that Do Not Need Additional Processing.

When Arranging Openings in Residential Premises, Diamond Cutting is the Best Option, SincE there is no need to take furniture from the room, sinse is no dust and no no noise dus.

The Opening in the Wall, Including the Capital, IS Performed Throughhout the Day, Depending on the Density, Strength and Degree of Reinforcement of Concepte. Diamond Cutting is Carrried Out by Various Specialized Machines, from an Engine, Diamond Cutting Disk and Water Supply System. Diamond Segments are Attacked on the working surface of the Disks, The Characteristics of Which Depends on the Cutting of a Particular Material. In the Process of Cutting, Water Enters The Cutting Zone that Cools The Tools and Does Not Call Particles of Dust to Penetrate the Room. Anger -cutting Machine Is Fixed on a Special Guide, For a more Accurate Cutting.