Dental Implantation: Preparation for the Procedure

TOOTH IMPLANTATION MUST BE CARRIED OUT LOSS OF OF ONE ORE MORE Due to Pathological Diseases, Mechanical Injuries and Congenital Defects. It is not not that for the Procedure You Need to Prepare for ABOUT 4-6 months. SO, COMPLEX SURGICAL TRAINING IS NECESSYY in CASS WHERE THE PATED DOES NOT HAVEN ENUGH BONE TISSUE, WHICH IS THE BASIS For The Installation of Implants. Modern Dental Implantation in Ukraine Astra Dent Provides for the Following Stages of Preparation for the Operation:

Tissue Regeneration;

Sinus lifting;

Ultrasound Surgery.

What is tissue regeneration?

IF the Patient Has Lost a tooth Due to an Unsucessful Surgery or Pathological Carious Disease, The Bone Basis Begins To Decrease and Resolve. In this case, the Specialist Presscribes a Tissue Regeneration Procedure – an extension of the artificial bone, Which Will Further of Biocathos and Performs a Barrier Function. In Order for the Artificial Bone to Completly Take Root, It May Take 4 To 6 months. Timely Contact the Dentist by Planning the Implantation Procedure.

What is sinus lifting?

Sinus Lifting is an Operation to Restore The Normal Volume of the Maxillary Sinus, Which Allows You to Form The Necessary Anatomical Conditions in the Oral Cavity OF IMP. Building and Tightening are Performed by the Synthesis of Bone-Substance, Which IS Implanted in the Basal Section of the Gums. It is Important to not the Ophection of the Sinus Lifting is Indicated by Patients with Congenital Defects of the Upper Jaw-When Theor Cinus is locATEDDEN TOOOLOOO TOOOL. The Procedure is non -disabled and Painless (Local anesthesia is used).

What is Ultrasound Surgery?

The Use of Innovative Ultrasonic Surgery Technology Signacantly Risk of the Thermal Gluing of Soft Tissues, Which Cancur During Teeth Implantation. Thanks to this technique, it Became Possible to Carry Out Complex Surgical Manipulations in Hard -to -rech Places, Improving the Therapeutic Proecess. Today, Ultrasound Surgery is A Popular Operation in Modern Dental Clinics.

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