Courtyards, terraces and verandas

Our country is in various climatic zones, therefore, depending on the natural conditions, domestic courtyards, terraces and verandas can be equipped and decorated in different ways. For example, for the southern latitudes, the courtyard of the site is a kind of open -air room, where not only flowers and bushes grow, but also various trees grow.

Consider the device of such a yard a little more detailed. The base of the courtyard is bridge using various types of tiles or stone. For the convenience of the courtyards, various specialized furniture is installed there: sun loungers, sun loungers, tables and rocking chairs made of plastic, wicker or forged. To give the interior of the courtyard of their individuality, many decorate it with various objects, for example, with various ceramic barrels that can imitate old dishes for wine or simply plant various flowers in them. To solve the problem with an excess of hot sun, many people pull the tents above the courtyard or put a sufficient number of umbrellas. Also, to create a shadow, you can make a metal or wooden canopy in the form of a grate, and plant curly plants, which forms a natural shadow for you.

If we talk about our northern climatic latitudes, then the courtyard is best equipped with a transparent roof of glass or other transparent roofing materials. Thus, you will get something like a winter garden with beautiful flowers and green grass. To make your winter garden unlike others, you can use the help of landscape designers who, using stone or tiles, will turn the courtyard into a work of art. Also in the courtyard you can take a place to prepare a barbecue or barbecue, which will diversify the functionality of your courtyard. In addition, a wooden bath or sauna can be located in the courtyard.

The veranda is a room with single glazing, and the terrace is a fenced prefix to the house, which is performed on a wooden or stone platform. The terrace, which does not have a canopy, is called DEK in an American way, where chairs, table and umbrella can be installed. There you can equip a place to cook barbecue or barbecue.

Based on the materials of the site .