3D – a new word in fences

More recently, appearing on the market, 3D fences gain rapid popularity not only in Russia, but throughout the world. Their extraordinary popularity is explained primarily by the fact that they are much stronger and more reliable than ordinary welded fences. In addition, these fences are sold at surprisingly low prices, given their consumer characteristics, so that such a fence will be a successful choice for those who are not used to letting money down the wind.

3Decon fence is high quality at a incomparably low price. The design feature of the fences of this type is that the longitudinal parallelly located rods in several places have a bend in the form of a Latin letter V – this gives the entire fence structure an additional rigidity without weighting the structure as a whole. This technological solution is to some extent innovative, because earlier in order to increase the rigidity of the metal structure, they usually resorted to increasing the amount of metal per unit area of ​​the surface. And this, in turn, led to an increase in the cost of the product, and, consequently, the consumer price.

In addition, thanks to innovative technologies, this type of fencing is usually covered with an anti -corrosion coating, and this is not just a familiar galley, but a high -tech multilayer coating. Zinc is only its first layer, behind which there is a layer of covers of polymers that are specially designed so that the coating retains its high protective properties in the harsh Russian climate. Thanks to this coating, the service life of such a fence is significantly extended – up to several decades. In addition, the polymer coating eliminates the need for additional care of the fencing. A pleasant bonus will also be that the coating is performed in any color scheme, so the fence made in 3D technologies will not only be reliable, but also beautiful.

Also, these fences are usually made in panel technology – this greatly simplifies the installation of the fence. Panel fences can be installed by a person who does not have special skills, and the installation of such a fence will take a lot of time.

Thus, we can say with all confidence that this novelty really deserves attention, since it has no analogues in its price category.